Well week one of foster parent training is done and we’re getting ready to start week two. It really hasn’t been too bad and there has been a lot of interesting information shared. Since Maria has been so good about updating, I thought I’d just mention some things that jumped out.

The first, and I think most important, thing is that there is just not enough time dedicated to each topic. Our class has questions and provides feedback, but there is really not much getting off track. If anything, we push through exceptionally well. Not that anyone wants to spend more time in training, but I really think there needs to be strong consideration to extending the required hours.

My opinion on this may change after taking the rest of the classes, as I may find some to be unnecessary. If it does I will certainly say so.

Other thoughts include:

  • The class is pretty diverse. There are professionals, teachers, retail employees, and grandparents. It’s actually pretty nice because it brings a wide range of experiences.
  • Our instructor has lots of real world experience and also more than a couple phrases that she uses over and over (and over). All in all…she’s been great.
  • I’m not sure, but I think we were taught where to beat a child without leaving marks and raising suspicions, haha.
  • RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) is over diagnosed, similar to ADHD. It does happen, but it is very extreme, unlike the cases I see discussed in foster parent forums.
  • Building trust leads to attachment and both are key to being positive influences in a foster child’s life.

The last things I wrote in my notes is something I keep writing down…create a checklist of things to do when a child is placed in our home.

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